Man guilty of torching police car

THE former president of the Nomads bikie club has changed his plea to guilty for torching a police car parked outside his tattoo shop after new CCTV material contradicted his evidence.

Despite both the defence and prosecution acknowledging the footage did not alter much in way of evidence, Scott Orrock, 47, reversed his plea before the District Court on Tuesday after the previous trial had to be aborted last week when police tendered the new evidence.

Mr Orrock, the owner of Skin Deep Tattoo, in Newtown, admitted to smashing a police car window on April 21 at 3am and pouring highly flammable alcohol into the vehicle before setting it alight.

Ten minutes earlier Mr Orrock had gone into Newtown police station demanding an officer ”f—ing move it [the vehicle] right away or otherwise I will burn it down”.

In his sentencing submission Mr Orrock’s barrister, Deone Provera, said his client was ”not perfect” but also drew attention to a ”limited criminal history that was mostly for motor vehicle offences.” In 2006 Mr Orrock was shot at Showgirls nightclub and subsequently charged for concealing the identity of his attacker.

”Mr Orrock doesn’t suggest he’s off knitting doilies, nor that he is a fragile flower,” Mr Provera said.

”He’s a quite well known personalty in bikie circles and that community … but this is a person who has moved way from the life he once led,” he said.

Crown prosecutor Craig Patrick submitted Mr Orrock had shown no remorse or contrition for this ”deliberate, intentional and planned act.”

Justice Robyn Tupman is expected to hand down a sentence on Thursday morning.

”His criminal record is not that bad, he’s never been in jail for full time until now and he hasn’t committed an offence since 2006,” she said. ”I know the Crown would like to send him to jail for life but the maximum penalty is 10 years … this is the first time he’s been to jail, and that he is a Hells Angels member does not change anything.”

But Ms Tupman said the nine months non-parole period for maliciously damaging a police car and the eight months already spent on remand in Long Bay jail were not sufficient terms.

The original release of this article first appeared on the website of Hangzhou Night Net.

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